About Us

NWClips Warehouse

Welcome to our website, NWClips!  The Ace Body Shop Supply company took root in June of 1998 to serve the automotive industry.  Ace Body Shop Supply has been selling collision repair supplies since May 2009.

Our warehouse is located at 2717 North Hayden Island Drive in the Jantzen Beach area of Portland, Oregon which helps us to serve the entire Portland Metro area.

The collision repair supply business is intensely competitive.  To thrive, a company like Ace has to sell products that are either the same quality as the ones you already use but at a better price, or products that are better than you are used to for the same price.  Our product selection has been built through feedback from our customers and by working side by side with them to perform repairs and demonstrate our high quality products.

We sell a full line of automotive fasteners, specialty chemicals, paint, seam sealers, bumper repair products, double sided tape, drill bits and all manner of things.

This website is a natural extension of our desire to make it easier to take care of business.  We will do our best to give you superior service whether fulfilling your needs in person or by the use of this website.  If you have any comments, queries or suggestions regarding our product line or service please feel free to reach out to us.