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You might be here because you received a 'buffalo nickel' in one of your packets of clips.  We've been including buffs, or our store card so-called dollars, in our orders for a few of years, to thank you for doing business with us and because we are trying to make a statement too. 

Automobile manufacturers set standards for their OEM clips.  Our US-based suppliers strive to meet those specifications.

Some people don't care about quality, they can only see price.  Those people are not our customers.

Most of our new business comes from word of mouth referral because our customers really do believe they receive excellent value for their money.

We have had customers, large industrial customers, who have happily purchased our clips on amazon and then used the same listing to purchase from other sellers for less money only to find they bought junk that did not fit right, or have the same 'snap' when engaged, or broke when being installed.

This is when we get a phone call.  Some ask how there can be such a noticeable difference in something that looks nearly the same.  The reason is a certain kind of nylon is specified for use in specific clips, as are clip dimensions; most of the companies in China don't know or don't care....but their clips sure are cheap.

Actually, many of our clips are made in China but our US suppliers take it upon themselves to keep their factories producing up to spec clips.

We can't afford to sell poor quality clips because we sell to real, live, auto body and mechanical shops each and every business day.

If you have an issue with our clip quality, you are doing us a favor if you let us know so that we can let our suppliers know and fix the issue.

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