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Thank you for visiting  We've tried to enable you to find your clips with as little effort as possible meaning that our ideal is for you to type in something like "2008 toyota corolla bumper clip" and have every clip that fits that year, make and model to show up in your search.

Same goes if you happen to know the OEM factory-assigned part number.  While this search function does work well, it is dependent upon our loading those factory numbers in to our database.  SO:  If you find that one of our clips is missing an original factory number, we would really appreciate it if you let us know so that we can update our files.

You can also try typing in competitor part numbers.  Some will cross, although most won't.  We are working on that.

Also, while the above search method does work quite well, unfortunately it does not do so well with partial part numbers....even our own.  So, for instance, if you know that you want one of our C45's, if you type in only "45" the C45 will not magically appear.  Our present search function requires the identical part number to be entered for it to show up in the search bar.  This is why it behooves you to keep trying if you feel quite certain that we carry the part, but do not have the part number to hand.

We really, really appreciate any constructive advice from you about our website, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions.

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