NWCLIPS is a national online supplier of auto body repair parts to commercial shops and DIY enthusiasts around the country (and even overseas).  Our physical location is in Vancouver, Washington at 5601 E. 18th Street.


We provide value by stocking domestically sourced products from manufacturers that adhere to the latest ISO standards. Our quality means you'll save time and money through reduced breakage and fitment issues.


NWCLIPS is the only national online clip supplier that also serves customers in physical locations daily.


Our inventory is built by customer demand based on daily interactions with our local customers.  


NWCLIPS is a product of the Great Recession and a particularly good seam sealant.  Prior to entering the clips business, the company was engaged in specialized warranty repair work on behalf of the major auto manufacturers' dealer network. When GM and Chrysler declared bankruptcy, the company was in need of a new source of income, causing NWCLIPS to begin representing the supplier of a quality seam sealant in the Portland-Vancouver area. Since then, the business has organically grown into an auto body parts supplier with a national presence.